Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ready? Set! Purge! (again!)

It's time.

We plan to liquidate our entire household. This will be my 21st move, 7th with my husband. With that many moves, we've tried to cut down on the "stuff" and not become emotionally attached to things, whether they be tchotchke's or a house.

Many of the organizational guru's say there is only one way to do this. Make 3 piles: keep, throw away and sell/give to charity. Only touch an item one time and place it in the appropriate pile. Be decisive!

So what do we keep, that will (or might) be useful?
Clothes, for sure. Summer and spring seasons seem to match the climate. Long sleeved shirts and long pants as well, it might get chilly--especially in the mountains. Sturdy shoes, hiking boots, sandals. Raingear. Bathing suits and snorkel gear.

Personal items: prescriptions--medical and glasses/contacts, passport, driver's license, credit/debit card.

A laptop.

That's pretty much all we plan to take with us.

Should we keep anything in storage?
Ideally no--but what about: photos, tax records, winter clothes (just in case we return in the cold weather).

The throw away pile will consist of just that--things we have not gotten around to throwing away until now.

And the sell/give to charity pile will be things that can recycled and used by others. We will have a garage sale a week prior to putting our house on the market. Anything that does not sell will be given to charity or sent to a consignment shop. I like the idea of a consignment for household furniture--many of the shops will come to the house, pick up the items and cut a check right away!

We have about 6 weeks until the house goes on the market, 5 weeks until the garage sale. We have rented a storage space to help us stage the house and hold the kid's keep piles.

Better get to work!

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