Monday, March 21, 2011

Staging the house for a quick sell

I've read some things online and watched HGTV--these seem to be topics that are common to staging a house prior to putting it on the market.

It's all about the buyer envisioning themselves in the space.
Neutralize the decor and color scheme.
Let the light in.
Paint neutral (earth tones), browns, greens, maybe blues...remember colors do affect people psychologically--stay away from reds! Yellow does subconsciously say "buy me"-- it might be better to put yellow outside in planted flowers...
Plan the furniture arrangement so there is ample space to walk around the pieces of furniture.
The curb appeal is key--cut the grass, plant someting that will bloom during the initial offering, new welcome mat, have the windows cleaned, powerwash and paint as needed.

Get rid of all personal items.
Make the house look like an upscale hotel room.
Family photos are a no-no.
Buyers don't want to know that you actually use your bathroom either. Place all bathing supplies in a shower caddy and keep them under the bathroom sink.
No garbage in the house!

You're selling space.
And buyers will look EVERYWHERE! Under sinks, in medicine cabinets, in closets, kitchen and bathroom drawers....Nothing is sacred!
Make sure it's well organized and clean!
A good hint for the closet is to purge enough clothing so that you can reach into the hung items and not touch the garments on either side of the one you choose.
What about that garage??

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