Monday, April 11, 2011

Garage Sale Prep

Garage sales are a lot of work!

We spent the better part of the last  2 weekends bringing "stuff" to the garage--from the attic and the house. It was a family project. The kids were less than enthusiastic about helping, until they realized they will reap $ from the sale of "their" stuff--then it took on a whole new level of expectation!

I am overwhelmed with the amount of holiday decorations we have! We inherited many of the "minor" holiday decor from my mother--she was a decorating nut!
Our big family decorating holiday has been Halloween--we're known in the neighborhood for putting on a haunted house. Last year's was the best--albeit the last one--we had our daughter's JROTC friends as actors, we hosted about 300 people, and offered 2 scare levels: one for little kids where the actors danced, and the 2nd was the terrifying one--screaming, slamming doors, jumping out at people, just all 'round scary fun!! A couple of folks even told us that our haunted house was better than the ones they had paid for!! I digress--our Halloween, Xmas and Thanksgiving decorations take up about 1/3 of the floor space!

Household items just keep showing up in the garage--kitchen, kids stuff, tools and men's toys, books, we have 7 tables of treasures plus at least 15 bins of 25 and 50 cent items!!

What is the saying--Someone's junk is another's treasure--well, the garage is now a maze of cartons, boxes and tables of "treasures" just waiting to be discovered! We've almost run out of room!

5 days and counting!

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