Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garage Sale Success!!

We just had a wildly successful garage sale!

It took 3 weekends to prepare--from deciding what exactly we wanted to sell to setting up the "store".

The most difficult task was choosing what to sell. Our plan was to donate what did not sell. The daunting task of going through all our stuff- took 2 weekends. As I referred in an earlier post--"only touch it once"-- proved to be difficult. The biggest question we had to ask ourselves is if the thing would be useful in Belize...most of our household wound up on the chopping block!

We then organized the tables into "departments"--each table essentially had like-items (ie. kitchen, tools, glassware, and holiday decorations--each holiday had it's own space). We also placed the majority of items in plastic bins and labeled them either 25 or 50 cents. Our store took up our 3-car garage.

Two days prior, I went to the bank for change and posted the garage sale signs..fortunately for us (and dumb luck as well) the neighborhood across the street held their annual garage sale the same day. Our signs and times corresponded with theirs.

The night before, we made sure all was ready...only the 18 boxes of books had to be placed for the sale.

The signs we had posted advertised the sale to be from 8-2...we were placing the boxes and moving a couple of items out of the garage at 6:30--an elderly gentleman drove up and asked if he could just look around--"there are about 100 yard sales today". So we made our first $7 at 6:34 a.m.!! By 8 we had about 25 people shop!

The rest of the day was crazy busy! Two of our neighbors brought items over to sell--and they sold almost everything! The crowd was steady and thick! 2:00 came and everything had died down. So we closed shop.

The next day we made 3 trips to Goodwill and one to the library.

What a great feeling to have purged all our stuff--it feels as though a weight has been lifted!!

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