Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Polishing Silver

I spent 3 hours today polishing silver. Silver plated mostly. Things from my grandmothers and my mother, things given to us as wedding gifts...flatware, platters, bowls, trays and even a monogramed tea set.

Why? My motivation is to sell. I have no desire to move them to Central America and become an instant target for theft. Also, these items are never used, they stay wrapped and in the china cupboard. We have never had a formal evening at our home. Perhaps someone else will use them.

I was able to sell 2 silver candleholders and silver-lipped coasters to a local antique jeweler. They do not buy silver plated items, but gave me a name of a local antique dealer who does.

I looked on line to try to sell the silver plated items to a replacement service, but could not easily find the patterns or the manufacturer and the service required photos, measurements, etc....too labor intensive! Ebay was useless as well. So, I have an appointment tomorrow with the local antique dealer who purchases silver plated items.

Never thought it would be so difficult to get rid of "silver." Today's silver trading price was $39/oz!!!

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