Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The house knows!


During the garage sale, we had a "coming soon" house for sale sign in our front yard. It did create some interest--a woman "had" to see the house, even though it was not ready for the market, we allowed the agent to show the house. We found out that she had a contract on another house in our neighborhood, was having difficulty with the owners and was looking for a way out of that contract. After all the hullabaloo, the 2 parties solved their differences and she was no longer interested in our house.

Easter Sunday, two days before my husband and I were to leave for a 5-day mini vacation in Mexico, our daughter went to take a shower, turned on the faucet in the upstairs tub but no water came out of the faucet--instead we heard it running down between the walls! My husband reacted quickly and turned the water off to the house. Here we are, Easter night, no water...called the insurance company, found a plumber and restoration group and had them come out the next afternoon.

It's amazing how far a little bit of water will wick! The family room and kitchen ceiling will need to be redone, the engineered flooring (that was just refinished in January) will need to be entirely replaced, the carpeting dried sufficiently well with the 7 fans and 2 dehumidifiers that ran for 4 days, but require cleaning and deodorizing.

As I write this, the insurance adjuster is waiting for approval of the estimate before we begin the repair work. I contacted our real estate agent and put the marketing plan on hold until we have a better time line.

I swear, the house knows we are planning to selling it!

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