Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's mid-work, how are we doing?

The drywall has taken 1 day longer than scheduled, because they returned to remove the toilet and pedestal sink from the powder room.  This is not interfering with the flooring removal or installation. I've also asked them to paint the ceiling and hallway in the garage, so they "mudded" those areas as well and will paint when the flooring is finished.

The flooring took a full 8 hours to remove. Some of the furniture was moved into the awaiting "pod." The planks were glued down so it took extra effort not to gouge the sub floor. The guys had to disconnect the electrical outlet on the kitchen island and unscrew it from the floor so it could be moved as the flooring was beneath the island as well. I did find out after several hours that the refrigerator outlet was also turned off with the circuit breaker! All the food seemed cool...

No worries!

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