Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mini Mexican vacation

Ever heard of Puerto Penasco?

We have friends who live in Phoenix. Their family owns condos in Puerto Penasco and we were invited to join 3 other couples for a 5 day getaway.

Inspite of our trauma at home with the water damage, we decided there was nothing we could do, so we went.

A 4 hour flight to Phoenix and a 4 hour car ride to our destination. We were stopped at the border because our hosts were bringing in a smoker and alot of totes containers of food and supplies. The Mexican border patrol actually went through one of the suitcases. Then about 30 seconds into the country, we were stopped for speeding and let go because we were tourists!

Pto Penasco is located opposite the Baja Peninsula on the Mexican mainland near the northernmost part of the Sea of Cortez. It's a sleepy town, awash in souvenir shops and 2nd floor restaurants all along the main drag. Shrimping and fishing are the main employers of the locals. High rise condo complexes, in various phases of construction dot the coastline for a couple of miles outside the town. Several of the complexes have come to a complete halt in their construcion, due to the slow economy. This area greatly depends upon the Phoenix and Tucson gringos for their tourist dollars and 2nd home investments.

We stayed at the Sonoran Sea condos--right on the sea, heated pool and hot tubs, great views of the setting sun, comfortable accommodations, saw dolphins feeding early in the morning right off our beach. The tide fluctuates as much as 23 leaves many tidepools that just beg to be explored.

Our last night was in Puerto Privada-in a condo owned by the family of one of our hosts--its an upscale complex, not available for weekly rentals. Again right on the sea, heated pool and hot tubs, beautiful accommodations, large party room, approximately 1 mile closer to town than Sonoran Sea.

We had dinner out one night at "Ramones"--the one in the barrio, not at Sonoran Sea..good fish fry, all you can eat... the Cadillac Margarita, powerful stuff!! We also breakfasted at Coffee Haus, near town, really good breakfast menu..homemade apple strudel came highly recommended.

Too little time to enjoy all of what there is to offer--I guess we must return!

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