Friday, July 15, 2011

Things change---

My husband's company has transferred him back to Nashville. He will manage a project for the new convention center downtown, slated to begin in September 2011 and run through early 2013.

Our plans have only shifted, not canceled! We will keep our house on the market, when it sells we will move to a local apartment. We will decide from there what the timing will be for our early retirement.

Always changing!

A saying that I like: "Stay flexible, that way you won't get bent out of shape!"

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the Navy

Our daughter is in her 2nd week of Navy Recruit Training. 3 days after she started boot camp, we received her backpack via UPS, all her clothing, shoes, and phone were returned. There has only been one "letter" from her so far. It was the information form letter sent the first week of boot camp. "Mom and Dad" was penciled in the salutation line, with a couple more penciled entries--information only, like address, graduation date information and a brief personal "I miss you" note at the end of the letter...we were asked to continue sending letters, even though we get none in return, as the recruits are busy and have little time for themselves. I joined the "" website to glean as much information as I can---it is helpful.

Absolutely nothing new on the home sale...just waiting for the "right" buyer! It has been shown, averaging one a week, so it still is getting internet hits..we'll plan for another open  house in a couple of weeks.