Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scanning, scanning, scanning

I have chosen a project to keep my mind off the quaintness of this apartment. I am cooped up in a 10x10 "bedroom" with 2 windows fronting the busy street. My computer and scanner on the desk, surrounded by boxes--literally five 18 gallon rubbermaid ones--full of photographs. Procrastinator extradordinaire, I have put absolutely none into photo albums. Thirty two years of marriage and 2 grown children later, I must get these into the computer to be able to share with the family....We cannot take these in the car on our upcoming journey!

I've spent 5 hours (over 2 days) already and have 1/2 of a cardboard "Banker's box" full of originals. So there is progress. I've found reminiscing is fun, but actually remembering the event sequence proves to be futile. So, I've clumped together events and years--

This is gonna take awhile!!!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Living the apartment life

So, we now have most everything essential in the apartment. We've been sleeping here for 5 nights, traveling back to the house to deal with the last boxes and our daughter's bedroom furniture. We have rented 2 garages at the complex with one designated for the Alfa Romeo, until it sells, and the other for the kid's boxes and furniture.

Our apartment fronts on a busy road, getting used to traffic noise has proved to be difficult at night, there's noise all night long. The dogs startle easily, but I'm sure with time, this too will pass!

Everything is on a much smaller scale--about 1/3 of what we're accustomed to. But I'm finding I don't need all the stuff, it's easier to keep clean and it's convenient to work and school. Also, there's an indoor pool, that I cannot wait to jump into....

This weekend will be the last at the house. We have planned to move everything out and transfer to the garages. The cleaning lady will take care of the rest during the week and we'll have the final walk thru 3/15.

Closing on the 19th!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another garage sale??

Really?? We have to get down to next to much stuff accumulated! We spent all day today  purging, pricing and organizing, it won't be as compartmentalized as the last one, but somewhat organized. So, we're tired and ready to get on with it...

Also, today we dodged tornadoes in the Nashville area! Fortunately, they seem to stay away from our part of town! But many areas have been hit with high winds and tornadoes this afternoon--such a strange time of year to have tornadoes!


We found an apartment! It's on the west side of Nashville, convenient to I40--so both my husband and son can easily get to work and school. 1300 sq ft and all the furniture that will go to grad school fits....we have also rented an onsite garage for all the storage items, until we can get our daughter's "stuff" to her when she gets an apartment on base after her deployment. Looking forward to the transition!

Sold! Sold! Sold!

After 8 months of prepping to show and living in a staged home--our house has sold! The closing date is 3/19!! Now to find an apartment, move what our son will need for grad school to that apartment, and live together with the dogs in a much smaller space--but it's only for a few months.....