Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Scanning, scanning, scanning

I have chosen a project to keep my mind off the quaintness of this apartment. I am cooped up in a 10x10 "bedroom" with 2 windows fronting the busy street. My computer and scanner on the desk, surrounded by boxes--literally five 18 gallon rubbermaid ones--full of photographs. Procrastinator extradordinaire, I have put absolutely none into photo albums. Thirty two years of marriage and 2 grown children later, I must get these into the computer to be able to share with the family....We cannot take these in the car on our upcoming journey!

I've spent 5 hours (over 2 days) already and have 1/2 of a cardboard "Banker's box" full of originals. So there is progress. I've found reminiscing is fun, but actually remembering the event sequence proves to be futile. So, I've clumped together events and years--

This is gonna take awhile!!!

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