Monday, April 16, 2012

Have made reservatons in Belize!

After creating a timeline and itinerary for our trip, we decided to find an apartment in Corozal for the first 3 months of our adventure. I'm still not convinced that the internet is reliable. But, I found an affordable ($600/mo + 9% tax)) 1 bedroom, 1 bath upstairs apartment of a guest house. The complex is called Copa Banana - Amenities: full kitchen, laundry, A/C in bedroom, hot water, pool, and beachfront-pretty much what we're looking for initially. The utilities, bottled water and propane are additional cost--averages $60/month (depending on the use of A/C). Fortunately, I asked about paying the utilities--I've read online that some renters must open accounts with the utilities--not here, they have individual meters and the owners will let us know what we owe them, instead of paying the utility companies. Also, the beer, water and soda truck comes by 3 times a week so we can replenish our thirst easily!! I wonder what other trucks pass by during the week???

I booked the apartment for December-end of February.

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