Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scanning finished!

It is with a saddened heart that I finish the photo/slide scanning project----NOT!!

It is such a weight lifted off my shoulders to have this daunting task behind me! I had such fun remembering the events chronicled in those photos and slides--the family get togethers, places we've visited, births of the kids, pets we've known, and friends both current and in our "previous lives"....they now live on our computer, will be backed up onto an external drive and ready to share with all!

I did learn quite a bit during this process. The how-to's became easier--so much so that I became the teacher and Larry, the student! I did create a folder for those photos I deem "postcard" worthy. I found out there are sites on the web where you can post the photos and sell them...hmmmm....

I'm now looking at eight 13-gallon garbage bags and 4 boxes of spent slides and photos. They'll be heading to the dumpster this afternoon.


  1. Did I miss it earlier? What did you use for a scanner? We have a scanner on our printer, bu I'm not overjoyed with the quality of the prints. I haven't researched dedicated photo scanner yet.

    1. We had a Canon Bronze Series PIXMA MG8120B, it scanned documents, film, slides, negatives and photos. Labor intensive, but it worked.