Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All email addresses are not created equal

Found this one out by accident.

During our downsizing transition from a house to an apartment, we needed to open accounts for the utilities. Obviously, one utility we could not live without in the USA, is cable. The same cable company served both the house and the new apartment. We wanted to help our son create a good credit score; so we opened the cable account, for the apartment, in his name.

We canceled our cable account at the house. Our email addresses were all linked to the house's cable address. As soon as the old account was canceled, we lost our email access. It took some finagling (and several days) to retrieve the old addresses.

Looking into my foggy crystal ball, I wondered how I was going to keep in contact with family and friends when I lose all my email contacts and access when we cancel this cable account in October?

My son informed me that neither gmail.com nor yahoo.com email addresses would be affected by our upcoming international move. Good to know. I immediately opened a gmail account, added all my contacts-and this time I included their addresses and phone numbers so I will not have to carry an address book. Therefore, I now have a gmail.com email address, all my contacts have been given my new information and I'm good to go!

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