Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Non-fluoridated water

So, I've been reading the site, specifically a recent thread about the non-fluoridated tap water in Belize. Many, many emotional pros and cons associated with this topic--from fluoride poisoning to rotting teeth.

I had my last dental checkup with my stateside dentist yesterday and we discussed the issue of fluoride and teeth. Basically, fluoride is needed in children to help develop strong permanent teeth. In adults it seems to be less critical, unless you have: amalgam (silver or gold) fillings, caps or crowns, or your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold. 

If you fall into one of those categories, a "daily dose" of fluoride is needed. The fluoride will remineralize (strengthen) the enamel thus decreasing the sensitivity issue as well as the possibility of cracking around the filling, or-worse case scenario-breaking off the entire tooth at the base of the cap/crown.

The fluoridated salt, in Belize, will probably not be enough of a "daily dose" to do the trick. My dentist suggested brushing twice a day with Fluoridex toothpaste--that will for sure be the right dosage.

I don't know about you, but I'll be taking Fluoridex toothpaste with me!


  1. I was the one that posted about not using fluoridated water when I was growing up and using baking soda to brush with. This went on untill I was about 8 or 9. I've never had a cavity (knock on wood!) I think it has a lot to with the fact that I didn't ear a lot of sweets and I didn't drink soda at all. (my folks didn't, so I didn't either). THat said, I've been using Crest for years.

    1. I read your post on that thread--impressive not having any cavities--actually, I"m jealous! I've had 4 and 2 are now crowns due to amalgam weakening the teeth and cracking. That's why I asked my dentist about the fluoride issue--I really don't want to lose those teeth! Been a Colgate girl forever!

    2. I don't know why I was so lucky, but I think not intaking much sugar has a lot to do with it. I used to think it was genetics, but both my parents have had cavities, especially my mom.
      Teeth are important! So I understand your concern about floride availability

    3. Facts to be considered regarding fluoride: Many countries and places where fluoride has been put into water have researched and seen the consequences, and are now demanding it be removed and in some places it is banned.

      Fluoride was given to the Jews held in concentration camps to keep them calm and docile .

      Prozac is made from fluoride.

      If it is good for your teeth, and some swear it is though many studies have refuted this, why ingest it?

      It is considered by the FDA to be a "drug". Why are we being drugged by a substance that has nothing to do with keeping the water pure and clean -- supposedly the reason for additives.

      Fluoride caused problems for the aluminum and nuclear industries. It was a waste product and difficult to safely dispose of.

  2. Fluoride was used by the Nazis to lower the peoples IQ, its a chemical weapon and its not allowed at all in most european countries, cuz its causing lots of damage.