Friday, September 21, 2012

It's a small world!

We stopped in our local Sam's Club and were quickly accosted by an associate to upgrade our current membership. We politely declined by telling him that we would be moving to Belize in short order. His expression changed to one of disbelief as he replied, "One of our associates is from Belize." Whaaaat? Here in little ol' Nashville? We found out the associate works in the meat department, but was not working this day.

A few days later, we returned to Sam's Club, beelined it to the meat department, and there standing in the aisle, stocking the meat cases, was our guy! We approached tentatively, eavesdropping on his conversation with a fellow associate and taking note of his accent--how do you start a conversation when you have so many questions? "Excuse us", we waited patiently until he finished his current instruction and he slowly turned to us. "Yes, may I help you?" Oh, yes!! He stood politely, and smilingly by, as we blubbered something about moving to Belize this fall and could we get together, with his wife, over dinner to pick their brains. We exchanged some additional pleasantries and decided he would contact us when they had a night free.

That night was last night!

We met at a local restaurant for dinner. They brought one of their sons--a student in a local high school, the other is a Sophomore at a local university. Interesting aside, their sons were both placed in higher grade levels when they arrived in the States as their Belezian education had them functioning at least 1 grade level higher!  So the 5 of us perused the menu and ordered...immediately we began to talk--we discussed: shipping personal belongings, family, church, holidays, how healthcare "works", dentists, hospitals, lawyers, friends, districts, cities--just a whole gamut of things! They brought some BTB magazines and maps for us to read and will give us some local contacts to help us along during our adventure. We laughed, were serious, listened and learned. They were very open and proud of their home country. What an enjoyable and informative evening!

We parted as new friends and will have dinner once more before we leave Nashville!

We'll pass on what we've learned in future posts.


  1. that's awesome! I met a lady who was from Belize who lived in DeQueen, Arkansas, just about 45 minutes from here! Small world! BTW, your Sam's card will work in the Chetumal Sam's if you ever go there.

    1. Amazing! I do hate that the best and brightest leave Belize for the US though. Thanks for the Sam's Club information--I'm sure we'll shop there while we're in Corozal!