Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Checklist --T minus 2 weeks

Today I realized it's less than 2 weeks until we leave good ol' Nashville!


Personal paperwork (wills, POA, licenses, passports, etc) and mail
     Originals and copies all distributed to family members for safe keeping.
     Mail forwarded to family member.
     Good through 2018.
Stateside Driver's License
     Good through 2016.
     Own Jeep. Driving it down through Mexico.
     Packed the Jeep with empty suitcases, to make sure everything fits and has a
Car insurance
     So, it will take 2 insurance companies to get us to Belize! One each for Mexico and 
     Schwab accounts ready to go.
     Arranged through Caribbean Shipping Services. Crate built, packed and ready to 
     Visit family and friends-PA, MD, VA, NC, TN, TX- before crossing the border 
     into Mexico mid-November.
     Plotted central route through Mexico.
Belize crossing
     December 1.
     Dec-Feb Corozal apartment, rented
     Mar-May Hopkins cabana, rented

Whew---have I forgotten anything?


  1. I am so jealous of you. My wife and I are in the very early stages of the same process. Our kids are more or less grown and we have a small business that we would love to move in some fashion to someplace like Belize. We plan on making a trip down in March 2013 to have a look around.

    I am excited to follow your progress and will certainly use your blog as a reference for all the to-do's. Best of luck.


    1. Thanks Kevin! Please look us up when you get to Belize--we'd be happy to meet you! You may contact me by email: b.umenhofer@gmail.com...Talk to you soon! Happy travels! -babs

  2. Hi Babs! What a wealth of information. My husband & I will be relocating to Belize in about 12 months - and we have a visit planned for March 2013 to finalize rental plans there. (So, Kevin if you read this, maybe we can meet up?!) Anyway, I've been reading several different blogs over the past 6 months, and yours has the best info! I will probably contact you soon at the email address you provided above, if that's okay! Thanks for all the great info! Cheryl

    1. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for finding me! Absolutely contact me. -babs