Sunday, November 25, 2012

1st Night - Las Palmas Midway Inn, Matehuala, MX

We have no intention of pushing our way through Mexico. It seems that 6-7 hours of travel is all I can stand. So our 1st night on the road found us in Matehuala, Mexico. Road signs had hinted that there was a nice hotel just off Hwy 57 S.
We did try to drive through the town, but found it to be confusing and the streets crowded—so we returned to the main road and settled in to the “Las Palmas Midway Inn”.

What a fantastic find! Las Palmas is a nice melding of hotel, restaurant, pool, mini golf,  bicycle rental and bicycle/walking path. We were offered a King bed suite, $66/night, that included a 2 couch sitting room, a private bath with hot water, 60 channel tv, and a roofed car port adjacent to the room. The rooms were all on 1 floor and in blocks of 6 rooms connected together, there were about 10 buildings all together around the pool. Each room also had a small patio with a table and chairs. We felt safe in this place.

The restaurant food was exceptional with an extremely attentive wait staff. I allowed my husband to order our afternoon snack. You have to understand that he speaks little to no Spanish, the menu was bilingual, but the food offerings did not line up together, so what my husband thought was cheese fondue wound up being cactus buds and tortillas! Delicious none-the-less, but the look on his face was priceless! We were able to order cervezas and margaritas without a hitch!

Dinner was fabulous! Las Palmas is famous for it’s Filet Mignon, so I enjoyed mine—tender, flavorful and more than I could eat; while Larry feasted on the Medallions with gravy and mushrooms. Our entrees included, chips, salsa, rolls, crackers, mixed vegetables and French fries. We were both in heaven! Our dinner cost $40.

Breakfast, again, more than we had expected—fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit, ham and scrambled eggs, toast and coffee for both, $20.

The only downside to this experience was that the internet/wifi was difficult to connect and hold the connection from the room—so we went to the lobby and had no problems!

Highly recommend staying at Las Palmas Midway Inn!


  1. Wow so far it seems like your paying a lot of tolls and it doesn't seem much cheaper than traveling in the States!!! I suppose if you plan the trip like you would in the States, you at least shouldn't run out of cash! What are the gas prices like down there, and how is it running in your jeep?


  2. Kurt--We believe the gas prices are the same all across the country--we have seen no fluctuation in the price. The "Magna" (regular unleaded 87 octane) is $10.72pesos/liter = $3.21usd/gal. The "Premium" (Premium 92 octane) is $11.82pesos/liter = $3.54/gal. We are running the Magna in the Jeep and its running great!

  3. We were offered a King bed suite, las las vegas nnel tv, and a roofed car port adjacent to the room.