Monday, November 26, 2012

2nd Night: Marfil Motel - North of Mexico City

After being turned away from the hotel adjacent to the ruins at Teotihuacan, we headed back to whence we came, in search of a hotel we were directed to by the front desk clerk at the Villas Arqueologicas.

In my moment of clarity, I had the GPS search for the closest hotel/motel. It registered 17km away--back toward Mexico City....

20 minutes later we found ourselves in a traffic, buses, vans, trucks everywhere. No lanes were apparent so it was every man for himself--good thing Larry was driving, I would have just pulled over and quit!! In the midst of this turmoil, we skirted the entrance to the 1st hotel and decided to turn around and go back--enough fighting the traffic for today.

We pulled in to The Marfil Hotel, a hot pink/lavender walled fortress, immediately off the busy road. The entrance put us in the walls and we were immediately greeted by a driveway greeter. With my Spanglish hat on, I understood that they had a King bed hotel room, $250pesos for the night. We accepted the $19.67usd price and were directed to park our vehicle inside a garage, the hotel room was open upstairs, we paid in cash, were instructed to dial "0" for room service (no restaurant onsite) and the garage door was closed. Hmmmm. There was no registration, no name associated with the room,  paid in cash-no credit card needed....We went upstairs and were pleasantly surprised by the accommodations: king bed, couch, tv, full bathroom (with hot water) and ample space to move around. Hmmmmm. We ordered room service and received our meals in about 20 minutes--delivered by the greeter--and he refused to enter the room to set up the table....Hmmmmm...

The night sounds were sporadic and were not conducive to a good night's sleep: road traffic, garage doors opening and closing all around us, thin walls...We quickly came to the same conclusion: this hotel is a discreet place to bring your mistress, or lady of the evening...

The morning did not come too soon--we packed and left without having breakfast.


  1. I think your read on this place was right on the money.

    I'm loving your blog.

    I noticed that yoour goodbye tour took you through Greensboro. I would have loved to seen you for a few minutes to say hi, as my wife and I are in the discernment stage of a move to Belize.

    Stay safe.

    Greensboro NC

    1. Thanks Kevin! We may be back to visit my sister in Greensboro later this year--keep in touch and we'll plan to get together! I'm sure we'll have some good stories by then!