Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 3 p.m.: Teotihuacan, MX to Puebla, MX and Fiesta Inn

After spending 5 hours in Teotihuacan, we were spent and did not want to stay in the area, so we drove a short 2 hours to Puebla, MX. The route was pretty stressful at first - while driving out of Teotihuacan/Mexico City area, but soon we found ourselves in beautiful mountain country and our blood pressure dropped significantly!

Mexico City traffic :

Odometer mileage/kilometers
Caseta de Cobro, $22 pesos ($1.74USD), to Texcoco, thru Los Reyes (heavy traffic, roadside vendors, confusing left onto 150D)

Caseta de Cobro, $150 pesos ($11.85USD) Puebla couta Route 150D (construction)


Caseta de Cobro, $100 pesos ($7.91USD)

Caseta de Cobro, $30 pesos ($2.37USD)

Arrive Puebla, MX - Fiesta Inn, near last tollbooth on right (Holiday next door, same exit)

The route we are following, for the most part, recommended The Fiesta Inn, Puebla, MX. We walked in and had no problem getting a king bed room, $1500pesos ($119usd), for the night. WORTH EVERY PENNY! They do have wifi, business center, fitness center....not that we used anything but the wifi!!!

We had a good, filling meal and retired early. On to Villahermosa tomorrow!

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