Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 4: Puebla, MX to Villahermosa, MX

Day 4 - 9 hours
Today's goal: Villahermosa, MX and stay at the Hilton near the airport.

After a good night's sleep and buffet-style breakfast, we left Puebla, MX. Today's journey took us through the mountain country--what looked like a volcano, and quaint mountain villages, and a huge agricultural area (colder regions to warmer regions) where strawberries, pineapple, sugar cane, oranges, and bananas abound!
Pineapple fields

Roadside pineapple vendor

Sweeping mountain road

Mountain tunnel

Smokey mountain village

These teeth-chattering, bad roads were continually under repair or resurfacing--obviously a perpetual problem for travelers. I think that if you were lucky enough to get a gig with the road department, you'd have a job for life!

We followed a truck load of Policia Federal for about 30km and had to pass them--because they did not maintain their speed at 110km/h---I was "nodded" to by one of the guys in the back of the truck, so I problema. You know, they do look menacing carrying the machine guns and with balaclavas on--but think about it, they are in an open vehicle, traveling 70mph down the road with bugs galore!! I think I'd want to look like a bandito too!!!
Today's encounter with the Military was at an agricultural inspection station, where the guard just waved us through and said, "See you, bye, bye." No problema.

Odometer mileage/kilometers
Left Fiesta Inn, follow frontage road to enter Route 150D

Caseta de Cobro, $150 pesos ($11.86USD)

Caseta de Cobro, $55 pesos ($4.35USD), snow-capped mountain to the north

Caseta de Cobro, $110 pesos ($8.70USD)

Caseta de Cobro, $24 pesos ($1.90USD), sugar cane fields, very bad road

Caseta de Cobro, $145 pesos ($11.46USD)

Caseta de Cobro, $170 pesos ($13.44USD), pineapple fields, very bad road

Caseta de Cobro, $155 pesos ($12.25USD), better road

Caseta de Cobro, $17 pesos ($1.34USD)

Exit onto Route 180 toward Villahermosa, very bad road

Agricultural checkpoint, Mexican military, flagged through

Caseta de Cobro, $60 pesos ($4.64)

Exit onto Adolfo Ruiz Cortines (Wal-Mart on left) toward airport

Hilton on left at KM 12.8, proceed to KM 15 for u-turn at Retorno. Because there are permanent Jersey barriers in the median.

The Hilton proved to be a good place to hang our hats for the night--2 restaurants, bar service, nice infinity pool--didn't really explore, too road weary....I doubt this is Paris' favorite place to stay..


  1. Did the Policia Federal ask how long you would be staying?