Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 5: Villahermosa to Near Xpujil, MX and the EcoVillage

Day 5 Villahermosa to near Xpujil, MX
5 hours

Today’s goal is to reach the Chicanna Ecovillage Resort about 8km east of Xpujil so we can tour a couple more Maya ruins…Calakmul and Becan.

This entire day was replete with “tope” (speedbump) vendors---I mean each and every little village had a series of at least 4 “topes”, some single, some double, that slowed down traffic enough to allow street vendors to stand on the topes and sell their wares. They were not aggressive, just opportunists…Obviously someone purchased their wares, or that marketing approach would not exist! You’ll notice the signs when you are approaching a village that read, “Poblado proximo”—may as well slow down and enjoy the adventure!

And the road construction continues...

There were a couple of Policia Federal as well as Military checkpoints along the way today…the Federales just waved us through, the Military actually had us stop and peeked in the driver’s window—again we were just waved through!

I should have told you earlier-- that the receipt you get at the casera de cobro must be retained for your time on the toll roads. This is evidently an insurance policy for that specific section of the toll road—in case of an accident. However, if you are determined to be speeding and involved in an accident, the insurance is void.

Odometer Mileage/Kilometers

Due to the permanent Jersey barriers in front of the Hilton, you must make a strange turnaround, thru the airport…Head out the Hilton driveway, make a right onto 186, follow the Aeropuerto/Yumka sign—drive into the airport and do the loop, follow the signs back to 186—this is about a 3 mile circle to return you to in front of  the Hilton—but headed in the right directions—east…

Caseta de Cobro, $20pesos, ($1.58usd)

Federales checkpoint—waved through
186 changes here to a 2 lane, with open shoulders…the slower traffic will pull onto the right shoulder (sticking about ½ way onto the lane) and allow you to pass (with your left turn signal on.) The drivers along this route are very courteous and will move over when it is safe for you to pass. Likewise, you should do the same for them.

Military checkpoint – “Must stop if asked” –waived through

Intersection with road to Palenque (Mayan Ruins)

Chable town, Caseta de Cobro, $20 ($1.58usd) LAST TOLL!!

“Corridor Quarantine Station” no stop, keep moving, looking for fruits/veggies

Military security stop – peeked in, waved through


Federales checkpoint – peeked in, waved through

Calakmul intersection (Mayan Ruins)

Chicanna Ecovillage Resort on left – signage above road

The Chicanna Ecovillage was a soothing find! We did an internet search, looking for a place close to both Becan and Calakmul Mayan Ruins—voila’ Ecovillage! $1416pesos/night ($111.94usd)for a double occupancy room. The village was more than expected, there were 4 rooms per 2-story building—stucco sided, thatched roofs, fan (no a/c—but didn’t need it), wifi (both nights it stopped working around 9pm…) pool, restaurant serving from 7am-10pm, far enough away from the road that there were no road noises-only nature—birds, tree frogs, squealing Royal rats….we thought that the only downside was very firm beds. The employees were friendly and helpful—some spoke a little English. We found most of the other guests were European (we were the only N. Americans) it was very interesting to hear: German, Italian, a Nordic language, Russian all in the dining room at the same time!

Chicanna EcoVillage

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