Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 7: Becan and Xpujil to Chetumal, MX

Day 7
Becan 3 hours
Xpujil to Chetumal 2 ½ hours

We checked out of the EcoVillage and proceeded to get our next pyramid fix at Becan—2 miles away.

Made a left off 186, wove back on the road a couple of blocks—arrive!
Small parking lot, $46pesos ($3.64usd) entry fee pp, no fee to park the car. Restrooms and bodega immediately inside.

Temple Area
Circular Altar

Becan is a small self-enclosed site—chock full of all things Maya: temples, altars, ball court, plazas, korbled roofs, unexcavated temples,
Moat today
Site Map--see the moat?

WOW and a MOAT!!! This group of Mayans must have needed to protect something very important to have built such defensive structures! The moat completely surrounds the site with 7 entryways around the circle.

Ball Court

Artwork on Bench Seating Area
Rounded Edges of Temple Structure

We saw things here that we have not seen in any other Mayan site---curved corners, concave and convex walls (leading down a staircase), a moat, 2 single circular stand-alone altars—within a plaza, intricate carvings on bench seating adjacent to the temple—maybe reserved seating for the ceremonies?, circular columns, multi-story habitats.

We highly recommend this site for anyone wanting a lot of Maya in a small space. Easily accessible, easy walk, and lots to see and climb!

Back on the road again!
It’s only 130km to Chetumal from here…..with a couple more checkpoints along the way.

Odometer mileage/kilometer

Left onto 186 east.

Military Security Post – the guard asked (in Spanish) where we were from and where we were going…he smiled a lot and wished us a “Buen Viaje”

Fitosanitario inspection – not sure what this was all about—waived thru

Military checkpoint – traffic stopped heading west---no guards on our side—drove thru

Arrived Chetumal
Reservations at Hotel Real Azteca – Calle Belice (next to the Maya Cultural Museum)

Ok, so I wanted to be near the central marketplace and museum---for $399pesos/night ($31.54usd ), we get no frills--perfect for our needs today. We do get location, a/c, fan, cable tv, king bed, off-street parking. We’ll stay here 2 nights to give us time to explore Chetumal tomorrow.

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