Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our "tour" of family and friends before we head south

We began our "tour" to visit family and friends just as hurricane Sandy hit the NJ shoreline. We left Nashville and ran head on into the winds of the outermost edge of the hurricane as it traveled over KY and OH. After battling the 40-50 mph winds to keep the Jeep on the road, we decided to stop on the east side fo Columbus, OH for the night. The wind howled all night over our heads and we awoke to snow blowing sideways out the hotel window. The snow did not accumulate, so we continued our journey through a steady rain and winds.

Our travels will take us to Pittsburgh, PA; Lancaster, PA; Baltimore, MD; Hampton, VA; Greensboro, NC and ultimately return to Nashville, TN.

We should cross the Mexico border on/around November 19.
We will begin to post on a daily basis once we get to TX.

Until then, we will re-post some older, but updated posts, about our rationale choosing Belize as our retirement haven (heaven?) on facebook.

Talk to you soon!


  1. Do you have a page on Facebook? Thanks!

    1. Yes, Emily--you can find me on Facebook: Babs Brooks Umenhofer. Thanks for asking!