Friday, December 21, 2012 Happy New Mayan Bak'tun To You!!

It's raining and pouring here in Palenque today.

Pastel ponchos were sold by vendors at the entrance resulting in a mass of humanity, resembling dyed Easter eggs, ebbing and flowing through the drenched temples and plazas. The rain was relentless, continuous, sometimes drizzly sometimes torrential downpours.

Hundreds of people had made the trek, walking, hitch hiking, driving, biking, pretty much all modes of transportation were used to get here. 

We alighted atop the steps of El Palacio with our ponchos and umbrellas, facing the entrance, and were entertained for about an hour and a half with a variety of sights. Some "connecting" with a deeper consciousness, some tree-hugging, some wandering, some lost, some seeking something, some just there to be there for the new Bak'tun, some-I still don't know why they were there.

Evidently, there was misinformation given/received by some of the pilgrims--has to do with 11:12 a.m. and the winter solstice. Several tree-hugging and chanting ceremonies began around 11:12 a.m. local time...their error in calculating the solstice is that it is based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is 6 hours ahead of local Palenque time--their ceremony should have begun at 5:12 a.m. Maybe that's why it was raining so hard---the Mayan Rain Deity, Chaak, was making a statement!

Enough of my ramblings--please enjoy the photos of this New Bak'tun Day!!

Shaman lead group
Temple of Inscriptions and Plaza

Communing with the glyph
A Captive

Fog creeping around Foliated Cross Temple


Time out??
Tree hugging

Yes, Virginia it is a poppy

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