Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Art In The Park

Once a month, Corozal's town square becomes a-buzz with local artisans. Dubbed "Art In The Park", this after dark showplace of local talent features such items as: jewelry, raffles benefitting various charities, woodwork, original paintings, crafts, and food vendors galore (I do think food preparation is an artform!).

This month's entertainment began about 7:30p.m. and featured a local group/band done good, known as the Corozalsa--they are freshly back from a gig on Ambergris Caye--and entertained us royally! The music and songs brought out the salsa in the best of us!

We sat along the wall that fronted the stage and even though we have only been here for 2 weeks, we already saw people we knew and were then introduced to more! What a friendly place to be!

A seemingly meek Belizean couple sat next to us, the wife was coerced into buying a balloon sword from a passing child collecting for a dance troupe and the husband began to drink his Belikin(s). As he imbibed, he became more friendly, grinning, laughing, chatting it up with whomever walked by. So the Corozalsa's began to play and the salsa got him....he asked every female in the vicinity to dance--all refused (including his wife and me), so he decided to dance alone. He did a fine job staying on his feet while gyrating to the beat. Soon enough, 2 young women moved into his territory...fatal mistake. He jiggled over to them and began dancing behind one of the girls - she politely moved away, grinning as she moved. He followed, continuing his salsa assault-she laughed, embarrassed, he was now on a mission; he pursued, smiling, laughing and losing his dance steps as he continued. Finally she fled the area, girlfriend in tow. He barely missed a beat and honed in on anyone even slightly showing an inclination to dance. His wife and I laughed out loud at his antics! What a jolly drunk!

All too soon the band took a break - after 1 hour of continuous music! So we bade farewell to this month's Art In The Park-next month we'll take photos!

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