Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cerros Ruins

We decided to visit the Maya ruin site known as Cerros. After traversing a packed dirt road out of Corozal, to the hand-crank ferry, we then continued on a bumpier road to the ruins, arrived an hour later.

We were greeted by 3 "quashes"-- a racoon/rodent-like creature that tends to run in packs. We were told they like to drink the coconut water by biting the coconut (must have very sharp teeth!) and drinking the water out of the holes.

We entered the park and were immediately attacked by mosquitoes!!! I had already applied the Avon Skin-so-soft 30 spf with insect repellant...but had to add 100% DEET--on the fly-- to keep the buggers at bay! Larry only had the DEET--needless to say, he battled buzzing creatures as they attempted to enter his ears!!!

We found the "care taker" as he was chopping (using the weed whacker) the grounds, and paid our $10bzd each to enter. An informational building had about 25 posters discussing the ruins, it's excavation and history.

We continued on our tour and found a "Y" in the road--the path to the left was the Seaview Trail and to the right,  Mosquito Trail---guess which one we took???? The Seaview Trail was well trodden and took about 5 minutes until we were in the plaza area of this site. This site has not been as well excavated as others that we have visited..still really cool in it's own right....the archaeologists have preserved 4 masks on the seaside temple by applying plaster over the original artwork and there are remnants of paint colors. A really interesting structure is the Mayan dock/pier that still just out into the Bay.

Next time we go--we'll definitely take additional bug precautions...and a lunch--they have several picnic tables scattered around the ruins.
2 "Quashes"
The Road to Cerros

Welcome sign
Site Map

The Path

Not a joke!!

Beginning of the Plaza

4 Masks

Mayan Dock/Pier

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