Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cerros Sands, Orchid Bay communities

Rutty Road
We decided to visit a couple of master planned communities today, a last minute decision. We have no intention of purchasing anything at this juncture, but many people have voiced interest in these communities--curious, we thought we should take one for the team. First of all, both of these properties lie at least a 1 hour drive from Corozal, in the same direction. Truthfully, it is only about 12 miles to these properties from Corozal. The road out of town takes you to a hand-crank ferry then on to a rutty, pot hole-filled, hard packed dirt road--roads like this are affectionately labeled "the charm of Belize."
Hand-crank ferry

We opted to visit Cerros Sands,, first.
Following the well marked intersections, lead us to a pretty guard house, complete with blooming zinnias. We entered the community, and followed the signs to the restaurant/bar area on the beach. The beach area is complete with picnic table/palapas. Currently, there is no pool. A canal has been dredged all the way to the sea and it promises to allow boat traffic to your home, if you have a canal lot.

There are only 2 homesites under construction. One is well underway and the 2nd (the owner of Cerros Sands) is concrete pilings only. They are next door to each other.

The closest grocery is about 25 minutes away, in Copper Bank...
Beach Front Palapas and Restaurant/Bar

Nice Photo?
< It's all in the perspective

Only house under construction
Cerros Sands has an office in Corozal Town off the town square.

Orchid Bay,, is down the road a bit and a 2nd hand-crank ferry is used to reach the property. This ferry was recently down for 2 weeks due to mechanical issues and is currently taking on water but still operational-for now. The entrance to Orchid Bay is well landscaped with a guard actually in the gatehouse! The drive in is pretty, landscaped, and some of the lots are being cleared. We wound our way to the beachfront where we found the casitas, restaurant/bar, pool, horseshoe pit, a long dock with boats and jet skis tied off, and more landscaping. As we wandered the property, we were approached by one of the property sales people, who was on her way to the border for some Xmas shopping. She had the property manager, Stephen, meet up with us to give us an official tour. He was gracious and spent about 2 hours with us, showing us the community, spec houses, casitas, homes for sale, and his own project, The Crimson Orchid Inn--a B&B that will open for business next week.
2nd ferry

The closest grocery is about 10 minutes away, in Chunox...

This property was more mature, had more amenities and boasted 12 full-timers! There were several homes built or in the process of building--some wood, some single story, many multiple story structures.

Entrance to Orchid Bay


View of Cerros Sands from Orchid Bay


Casita from living room to kitchen, loft and bedroom on right


Crimson Orchid Inn B&B


  1. I'm liking the B&B for a Thanksgiving idea... The casitas are cute - are they rentable/furnished??

  2. There is 1 casita for rent-right now-and it's $1500ish/month, not sure if they would rent for less time. We'll keep an eye on the B&B. Keep in mind this is really far from a grocery store.....

  3. I'm not sure if you ever mentioned it in an earlier blog entry, but where do you hope to settle?


    1. Kevin-We have no preconceived plan, we are exploring all possibilities and taking on each location 3 months at a time. Our thought is that 3 months will give us ample time to explore and see if it's a fit for us. Our next 3 months will be in Hopkins.-babs

  4. Awesome. What a great plan, and how gutsy a move on your part.

    1. Thanks! We just want to make sure it's where we want to be. What's the rush-retirement should be for the rest of our lives, right?

  5. Casitas are rented on a nightly basis starting at about $100/night - see

  6. There are 5 homes being built at this time at Cerros Sands. Our dock for Blackbeard's Beach Bar and Grill is underway as well. Visitors would do well by checking on prices at all projects as well. Cerros Sands also faces East getting a nice sea breeze.