Sunday, December 9, 2012

Consejo Shores, Royal Colony Estates communities

North and around the Bay curve, a short 7 mile, 15 minute drive- on a less rutty, pot-holed road, lie 2 more planned communities.

Consejo Shores,, a well established community with many homes built (and for sale-check out Century 21 BTAL), and partially built. It is situated on the Bay and surrounded by a small town called Consejo. We drove around the community, there are designated park-like areas, a pool, and actually people are out and about! We did not stop in for the 10 cent tour--perhaps another day.

Entrance to Consejo Shores
Road into community

Under construction

Royal Colony Estate,, was not an intentional stop today--we just followed the sign off the road and happened upon this community. It's obviously new, there are only 2 homes constructed, and a pool is installed. There was a guard gate at the entrance. No one was there to talk to. According to the website, several amenities are in the works. 
Roadside signage for Royal Colony Estates


  1. Hi there, Glynis from Lethbridge Alberta Canada. We own in Royal Colony Estates, love it there! George Morales is the owner/builder and he's a great guy. call him at the # on the signage, he can give you a tour of our house anytime you like.
    Love to read about your adventures, can relate to lots of this!!

    1. Thanks Glynis! It's good to hear from someone who is in the know!