Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Corozal Farmer's Market

Adjacent to the bus station, a bustling farmer's market can be found. Tuesday and Friday are the market's fresh delivery days and it can be extremely difficult to find a parking space nearby. Many of the fresh produce vendors are open from 6-6, with shortened hours on Sunday.

View of Farmer's Market street side
Right side of market

At the market you'll find about 20 produce vendors, several clothing places, a plasticware area, cd's, prepared food stops.

The produce vendors are friendly and have good advice about food preparation. We bought a "chocho" (chayote)--it's a local vegetable--much like a young mango that wants to be a cucumber...can be prepared either in soups or sliced thin and added to tomatoes for a salad. We opted for the salad idea. Pale green, not much taste but crunchy, it absorbed the oil and vinegar salad dressing I had prepared and added a nice crunch to the salad. We also added it to our homemade pico de gallo--yum!

Me, choosing the "right" chocho
Pico de Gallo with chocho

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