Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Corozal Town Square Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

Advertised to begin at 7p.m., we decided to make an evening of it and had dinner at Patty’s Bistro, then headed 1 block north to the Town Square. Tonight the fountain was doing it’s thing while street vendors began to set up their wares for the evening festivities.

People began to gather, adults sitting along the walls and in the white plastic chairs set out in front of the program’s main stage; excited children playing at the playground all the while Christmas music was being broadcast over the loud speakers. Teenagers, all dressed up in their finest, traveled in herds, flirting and checking each other out. This was a melting pot of ethnicity—mestizos, mayan, gringos (US and European), chinese, latinos…all present and accounted for.

By 7:15, the music was still playing with intermittent announcements—sorry for the delay, would so-and-so please report to the Town Hall building, mic check….as the clock in town square continued to announce the 15 minute increments…soon the program began. National Anthems were played for both Belize and Mexico—although the Mexican anthem was interrupted by audio malfunction…apologies were sent out to the Mexicans in attendance. Local talent took the stage with Christmas carols played by violinists, sung by singers, and danced to by dancers.

The lighting ceremony was introduced by the Town Council and with a count down from 10 – 1, the entire town square was lit! Festive lights had been strung around the square, there were lighted angels, poinsettias, snowmen, candles all strewn about the area, the fireworks were lit from atop the Town Hall -- OOOhs and AAAhs happened.

Party music started over the loud speakers and these party poopers left.

The next morning:


  1. The morning after pics aren't doing your description justice - woulda been nice to see everything lit up and some fireworks. Geez... I'm beginning to believe you are serious about the light o'clock and dark o'clock thing :)
    a/k/a yls

    1. LOL!! We were camera-less for the ceremony! FIne, IOU town square lit up photos, will post in a couple of days! -yBs