Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 8 - Exploring Chetumal


After a fair night’s sleep and a breakfast, $28pesos ($2.22usd) for a delicious ham and cheese croissant, chips and salad. We were joined by a new friend, Stan, from Scotland—he’s on a world tour on his motorcycle—currently alone, but meeting up with friends along his adventure! An interesting story and pleasant company!

Our mission today was to explore Chetumal in the car; which we did by just driving around and becoming a little familiar with the layout. We found Sam’s Club easily, near the pier. This is a bustling town, busy on a Friday, you can find pretty much anything you need.

Our hotel was across the street from both the Mayan Cultural Museum and the Mercado Ignacio Manuel Altamirano. The Museum was closed for a "goings on" scheduled in the adjacent park and the Mercado was constantly busy—it’s an indoor “mall” with vendors galore—anything from DVD's to party napkins and you may as well get your shoes shined--why not?

Street vendor surround the complex—but no one hassles you as you walk by. There are the occasional drive-by road scooters with attached amplifier advertising what not, along with random speakers along the streets barking their wares.

There are restaurants galore. We have not been disappointed with the food. Warning: when the server indicates something is “picante”---believe them—had my breath taken away, drained my sinuses and many tears were shed over various salsas…

Our friend Stan needed a coffee fix, he was directed to a coffee shop adjacent to the Los Cocos Hotel (on Ave. Heroes)—he gave the thumbs up for their brew!

We have been pleasantly surprised with the beer selection as well--reintroduced to Montejo and loving it!!

Tomorrow we go into Belize!


  1. Heheh, don't get too used to that great beer selection! I like Belikin very much, but I sure do miss the variety of the US or anywhere else in Belize. We are soon to be heading to Mexico on vacation, and I am dreaming about the Mexican beers...and thanks for the tip on the picante salsas!

    1. LOL! Belikin will do for now--we may need a "run to the border" for a beer fix later! Have a great trip!