Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 9 Chetumal, MX to Belize

Day 9 Belize!

Another yummy, inexpensive, breakfast at the Hotel Real Azteca! We then mounted our Jeep and explored the Ave Insurgentes—found Walmart..and headed to the border at the other end of town.

Chetumal traffic

I used as a guide to crossing the border--their pictures and procedure is pretty much what we encountered. I decided not to post our photos here as theirs is much better organized--so here's our Cliff Notes version:

The booth to leave Mexico is inconspicuous—blue and white, looks like a phone booth..on the right hand side of the street. We got out of the car and discussed with the agent what our options were to be able to reenter Mexico in a couple of weeks, without surrendering our visitor permit or our car permit (they’re both good until (4/13). Our choise was to either pay $200pesos each now and surrender nothing, get an exit stamp and go on—or surrender both visitor permits and car permit (this would have the $400usd credited to our credit card for the car bond that we paid in Reynosa)then  pay $295pesos each when we return to Mexico along with posting another $400 bond then as well….Hmmm, pretty much a no-brainer—pay the $200pesos exit fee and keep everything….so we did.
Bridge to Belize!
Cross the bridge into Belize. Immediately accosted by a guy wanting to sell us car insurance, before we even got to the border! NO!!!! We proceeded to the building for immigration and customs. Easily stamped the passport for 30 day visitor permit, no fee. Then to customs for the car registration, no fee. He asked where our luggage was—we told him we had 6 suitcases and it was too many to bring in…no problem, did we have meat, vegetables or fruit in the car? No. Proceed!!

Passenger passes through the customs area, driver returns to the car and drives through the agricultural checkpoint, opened the back of the Jeep, did we have meat, vegetables, or fruit in the car? No. Is everything for your personal use? Yes. Proceed!!

Next stop, car insurance, the white building is immediately after the checkpoint. We spent about 30 minutes here, processing the car—we decided to get comprehensive coverage. A couple of signatures, pay by credit card, sticker placed on front windshield…have a good visit!! Proceed!!

Corozal, we’re here!

We checked in to the Copa Banana, moved all of our stuff in…explored a little of the town, had lunch at Patty’s (yummy!), picked up some groceries, headed back to the Copa.

What a busy day! Tomorrow, we rest!!!!


  1. I came across your blog a few days ago and what an exciting trip! We moved from Mount Juliet, TN a little over a year ago to San Pedro, we just flew with 2 suitcases each, nothing exciting like your trip. If you are ever in San Pedro email us, we will show you around.

    1. Thanks for finding us! We will take you up on your offer someday! Keep in touch!