Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mayan Dance Ceremony at Palenque

As we left the ruins at Palenque on the Eve of the end of the calendar, we noticed a group of people dressed in traditional Mayan ceremonial costumes gathered near the entrance to a housing community. We stopped and were approached by the Shaman who invited us to attend their ritual dance.

It's much like the Native American ritual dances, the colors, animals, skulls and glyphs adorning their faces, costumes and headdresses obviously significant. The conch shell is blown to announce the beginning of the dance, while participants form a circle to the beat of drums and maraca-type shakers and the tune of flutes, surrounded by the smoke of copal resin incense, the dancers, with their shell anklets, brightly colored costumes and headdresses - dance.  Sometimes in unison, sometimes alone the ritual ceremony sweeps the participants into a frenzy that then calms and ends with all in a kneeling and bowed position.


  1. Great pics!!!!

  2. hanks! Larry gets the photo credit---it helped that we were in the front row--and the only gringos there!!

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    1. The number of visitors has been a pleasant surprise. The only "advertising" is a direct link through an expat forum site. Google searches and answering forum posts have driven the traffic to us. There is a lot of interest in Belize as a retirement and vacation destination-so the topic itself is on the radar of many. Thanks for finding us! -babs