Saturday, December 15, 2012

Morgan's--"Go on, Temp Yo Tase Buds"--Bakery OMG!!

Where's the best place to be on Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday mornings? Why Morgan's, of course! Located at #49 Fourth Avenue, this mom and pop bakery serves up the most delectable goodies we've found in Corozal yet! The delightful owners, bakers and only staff, Henry and Carla, named this culinary delight for their youngest son, Morgan. Open 9-2:30, each of the three days has it's own specialty bread: wheat, white, sourdough and herbal olive breads don't last very long--sold out before noon most of the time. Surrounding the loaves of bread you will find a variety of cakes: lemon, carrot, coconut, chocolate chip cupcakes to name a few. And in their other case are the meat pies, a pot pie-like pastry filled with chicken, ground beef, mac and cheese or steak--just the right size for lunch or dinner. I would be amiss if I did not mention the scones, Morgan's rollies (pizza-like pastry) cinnamon rolls, mini fruit pies, and they will bake to order as well....get the idea? As I told Carla and Henry, "We're addicted!"

Morgan's Storefront
Henry and Carla
Carla and her baked goods
Henry's meat pie pastries

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