Friday, December 14, 2012

Northern Highway - now known as Philip Goldson Highway

We have now had occasion to travel the entire length of the Northern Highway--from the border to Belize City. The Northern Highway has recently been renamed the Philip Goldson Highway, but we're not sure if it is "official" just yet.

For the most part the highway is well paved. There is a fair amount of traffic, mostly cane trucks, tourist busses, bicycles and taxi's. The only "bad" parts are the speed bumps, usually 2 sets per village--sometimes marked, sometimes not.

Pedestrian Xing Bump

Sugar Cane Litter
 We have picked up on the sugar cane litter that happens on the "bumps"or potholes--when the cane trucks go over the bumps or potholes, they litter sugar cane all around.. a BIG hint that the road is either rutty or there's an unmarked speedbump! Just keep your eyes open!

Striped Power Poles

There are several villages enroute to Belize City, typically there's a welcome sign with the village name, a few houses and businesses along the roadside, a couple sets of speedbumps then a "have a nice trip" (buen viaje, thanks for visiting, see you soon) sign at the end of the village. We have also noticed the power lines are painted -- red or blue and white stripes, plain red or plain blue -- along the village roadsides. This paint starts and stops at the beginning and end of the villages. It's a good reminder to slow down..speedbumps ahead!!

This all said, it is a 2 hour drive from Corozal to Belize City. You'll see many sugar cane fields- each in it's own phase of harvesting; farms in general-horses, sheep, cows and people just walking down the road--sometimes it's not clear where they have come from, they just appear on the side of the lonely road--walking. There is one toll bridge near the Lamanai ruins turn off--it's 75cents each way. And a couple of checkpoints on the way--just have all your passport and car  papers with you!
Cane fields, burnt, harvested
Burnt & harvested with regrowth

Hitchin' a ride

Walkin down the lonely road-where did he come from?


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