Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Only the 2 of us in the congregation!

The little Anglican church we found on the Bay-St. Paul's By The Bay- had an 11 p.m. service on Christmas Eve and a 9:30 a.m. service on Christmas Day.

We opted for the 9:30a.m. service, arrived at 9:25a.m. only to find we were the only people in the congregation! The priest, Padre Juan from Sta. Elena, and 1 lay person were the only "clergy". We were told that most of the congregation attended the bi-lingual service on Christmas Eve. The priest did not speak English very well, but offered to have the service and communion. We decided to stay and wound up being readers for the Old Testament and New Testament lessons! The sermon was very short--as he was embarrassed with his limitations speaking English.

"Whenever 2 or more are gathered--I will be there also" - it was a sweet service.

Merry Christmas!

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