Monday, January 28, 2013


An interesting opportunity has fallen into our laps.

In chatting with the friendly neighbors, we have learned a lot about the expat community in Corozal Town. Many of the expats are snow birds--they only fly south for the winter months. Many of the snow bird expats are absentee retirement homeowners in Belize. Those who live here year round typically are pet owners. The snow birds' homes can sit vacant for many months, while the residents would like to take a "vacation" now and then, leaving both scenarios prey for petty theft, and the full-timers' in need of pet care.

Out of the mouths of babes---our neighbor asked us if we were interested in housesitting. Actually, never even thought about the idea, until that conversation. Mulling it over, we began to google. Wow, it is an option! It seems there is a huge European market for housesitting and housesitters. One can jump from assignment to assignment (if scheduled correctly) and see the "world"! 

The assignments can range from weekends to years, depending on the need of the homeowner. Each housesitting "job" has it's own perks. 
  • First of all, you are their "employee". Word to the wise, a written contract should be signed by both parties--a job description per se--that way you know exactly what is expected of you during your stay.
  • The salary, if you will, is that you live rent free. Some will require that you pay utilities. 
  • You get to explore someplace new!
Our neighbor has "put out the word" that we could housesit either short- or long-term. Less than 5 days later, we got a call--are we available for the month of March? 

This could be fun!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Babs,
    I was just following up on Julie's email to you today. Carole's cruise ship will be anchored in a port, and they will be tendered to the closest port entry on Tues. in Belieze City (?) - it is a Carnival - Dream is its name. They dock at 8:00 a.m. and they leave at 6 p.m. sharp !! She doesn't expect you to come, especially if it is 2 hours away - but she would love to see you !! Is there any landmark or well known restaurant that she could possibly meet you at ? If you can possibly get back to me either tonite or tomorrow by 5:00 and let me know because she's leaving Pgh. early Thursday morning ! She doesn't have international on her phone. Thanks ! Laurene

    1. check your facebook messages--too much info to leave here! -b