Sunday, January 6, 2013

Joyce says do it!

After "meeting" on Expat Belize Forum about a year ago--and following each others' journey to Belize--Robby, Joyce, Larry and I met for dinner at Corozo Blue's and then next door to Tony's Inn for drinks--a tasty Pinot Grigio Sangria was enjoyed by Joyce and I. Robby contacted us because they were on their way via Corozal to Mexico for a vacation---a vacation from a vacation!

What a fun evening! The conversation flowed as we shared our stories; laughter at every turn as we enjoyed the similarities and dis-similarities of our journeys. They came to Belize last May for their scouting trip and in September they rented a 2 bedroom place in the Cayo District. Close enough to Belmopan and San Ignacio to be able to enjoy both.

Larry, Babs, Robby & Joyce
A good time was had by all!

Please add "Joyce Says Do It!" to your blog list to follow their journey too.


  1. Can I ask you a general question about relocating to Belize. In your experience and from what you have learned along the way, can an American start a business in Belize? We're looking to move but not exactly retire. we'll need to generate some kind of income and were hoping to open a cafe/ espresso kind of place somewhere down there. Read something today that indicated that this might be a no-no.


    1. Kevin--We've been here since December 1st and have only explored the sleepy hamlet of Corozal. Keep in mind Corozal is not a tourist destination, for the most part it is a stopping off point either heading to or from the border with Mexico. From what we have seen so far, the established restaurants are slow (even now during the "tourist" season). They probably eek out a moderate living. The cafe/espresso idea may appeal to expats, probably not the locals, and there are only a couple of hundred expats in Corozal. You may want to speak with Sharon Heibling--she's an expat, currently living in Cayo, has 2 businesses (one is a property management type and the other she advises expats on relocating to Belize) you can find her: