Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mani and Pedi in Corozal

Knowing I soon would need a mani/pedi, I noticed the BTL customer service representative had beautiful artwork on her acrylic nails, I asked who did her nails. Less than a block away, Cindy at Uni-K Nails! I immediately drove past the shop, jotted down the phone number and called for an appointment. Busy time of year, it is Christmas/New Year's holiday time--the next available appointment was in 3 days.

It was a Sunday, I arrived 15 minutes early, parked on the street right outside the shop. I entered the shop, she was still working on another customer. I sat on the couch, a tv was on--they were watching "Sister Wives" on TLC. I was embarrassed at that moment--thinking this was the impression the Belizeans have of the US. I felt obligated to tell them that this was not the norm, it was all for tv, yes, Mormons can participate in polygamy within the state of Utah--but the husband should be arrested in Las Vegas for having more than 1 wife....

About 45 minutes later, it was my turn. Absolutely nothing special about mani/pedi here--no big spa-like chair, no fancy decor, no Vietnamese nail techs. Just Cindy, in a cement block building on her in-laws property, a tv on a makeshift stand, floor stand fan, metal folding chair for the customer, electric foot spa bowl, spray-on "sterilizer" spray for instruments. The mani procedure was nails and cuticles only--no lotion massage of lower arms. The pedi was nails, cuticles and exfoliating foot scrub--no lotion or massage. Pricing was $75bzd ($34USD).

I do have to admit that she did a nice job, and I will return-I really like having my nails "done."

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