Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ocosingo, MX - Tonina - More Mayan Ruins!

We discovered another Mayan ruin site "near" Palenque, so we decided to make a trek for Tonina.

Driving Up Into The Clouds!

The road was bumpy, paved and then unpaved, curvy, washed out on some hillsides, climbed up mountainsides (up to 2700 ft) into the clouds, temperatures dropped about 20 degrees. Villages were scattered about and on the roadside we found a variety of stores: groceries, bbq restaurants, colorful local garments. 

Mountain Road

Hammock Maker

Roadside Garment Store

As we approached a village that was flanked by date palms, we were accosted by the tope vendors--but this time it was different, the women had strung a flag/banner rope across the road, as we approached, they pulled it up to prevent us from passing the children who were selling food items in baggies, we continued to move forward as the children were knocking on the windows, begging us to how aggressive and uncomfortable that encounter was!

Flag Ladies

Three hours from the time we left Palenque, we finally arrived in Tonina. The trip got longer as we drove. It was about 80 miles one way--not the short trip we anticipated.

ANYWAY, this site was impressive. The main temple was one of those that each generation added something on to it, not only was it tall (over 230 feet to the top), but also wider than any we have seen to date. It has 7 terraces, many rooms, small temples, passageways, 3D stelae! A huge ball court with 3D decor. As you climb the temple steps and turn around to view the panorama-there are many unexcavated "things" out there--right now they're little grassy humps, some with trees growing, all just begging to be unearthed. 

This site was too large to explore in one day--we will return someday, stay a couple of days in Ocosingo and explore what we missed!

Enjoy the photos!

Tonina Acropolis

View Of Acropolis Stairway

3D Stelae
Panorama From The Temple Steps


3D "Decor" At Ballcourt


  1. We also ran into some aggressive vendors in that part of Mexico, especially San Cristobal. I love the beautiful Mexican tops at that one stand you picture, though. I picked up one at the Palenque ruins and another in San Cristobal and now wish I'd gotten more. They are beautiful and you can definitely bargain with the sellers for a better price.

    1. Emily, I can still see those precious little faces as we shook our heads "no" and continued to inch our way through the rope barriers as they knocked on our windows begging for us to buy something. Unfortunately, it's what they know. We did not get to San Cristobal, maybe when we return we can venture off the beaten path to explore a little more. Yes, those garments are colorful and I actually saw one woman hand sewing them in her front yard. Thanks!