Thursday, January 31, 2013

Progresso Heights, Progresso Shores

About 15 miles down the ferry road lies the little village of Progresso. Most of the villagers are sugar cane workers--you can tell by the black soot-stained clothing hanging on the laundry lines and the cane trucks parked along the roadside. We had a tasty, filling lunch at the Laguna Grill, across the street from the lagoon.

Village of Progresso
Lunchtime on the Lagoon - Huck and Tom?

A Park by the Lagoon

Laguna Grill

About 1 mile north of the village is the entrance to Progresso Heights: An open gated entrance greeted us along with a copy of the recent HOA agenda (much time was assigned to delinquent HOA fees). We drove down the little-traveled road, through what appeared to be an old orchard, as we followed the signs to the community center and visitor information.

Entrance Gate
HOA Agenda

As we approached the community center we noticed the grounds were somewhat maintained--areas were mowed and others still had long grasses growing, the roadway itself was overgrown with grasses and at spots difficult to see where the road was, the maintenance area looked underutilized and there were at least 2 homesites that appeared abandoned mid-construction. The community center itself was shabby--the paint was faded, the landscaping was overgrown, and the pool was empty! Remember, this visit took place in January---the peak of the tourist and snow bird season. There was no one on the premises. Posted on the door was the maintenance crew schedule: 6 workers assigned to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday--the rest of the week's schedule was blank--today was Thursday.

Interior signage
Main Entrance Road 

Following the signs to Visitors Center
Still following signs

Community Center

Empty Community Pool

Homesites....mostly in fields, some on the lagoon waterfront. There were a handful of constructed homes that were currently occupied--I say this because there were satellite dishes and vehicles at some of the homes. We are unsure how may sites are sold or for sale. We saw one couple walking, stopped to talk to them and discovered they were snow birds-only there for a few weeks and were waiting for family to arrive soon.

View from Community Center to Lagoon
Vacant home next to Community Center


Maintenance Building/Orchard trees

On to  Progresso Shores, a little bit farther down the main ferry road, on the other side of the village of Progresso. This community is marketed a lot on the internet. The sign on the roadside points the way. We drove back to an area, adjacent to a cane field, and barricaded by a rock wall with gated entry points for each of the lots. One gate was open, a sign indicating Progresso Shores and another sign asking to ring the buzzer...we ignored the buzzer and drove on in. We passed 2 rock casitas enroute to a circular driveway in front of a home. Deciding we were trespassing, we made the turnaround and left. We drove along the entry rock barricade wall and quickly came to a dead end. As we turned around, we were greeted at the open gate by the owner/developer of Progresso Shores. He indicated there were 2 homesites already constructed and several more 2 acre estates for sale. We were invited to check out the website:

Roadside Sign to Progresso Shores
Open Gated Entry to Developer's property

Driveway into Developer's Property


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and information! Progresso Shores looks really pretty, but you just never know with some of these developments. I for one would not want to be one of the first buyers in any development in Belize. Better to be late to the party than jump the gun -- so many of these things go under during construction.

    1. Agreed Emily--the first ones in seem to purchase (or be sucked into) the dream. Our photos show the way it is.

    2. Thank you driving threw my development ,I wish you would have stopped and gave me the opportunity to show you around.
      Developer/builder and you can see more pictures at

  2. Replies
    1. We spoke at the gate, thanks for the invite.

    2. OOOps.... Through

  3. Welcome to Progresso Shores. We have created several beautiful 2 to 3 acre estate home sites along the coast of Progresso Lagoon in the Corozal District of Belize. Each property is fully developed and ready to build on. When you come to explore real estate in Belize, you will see that we offer incredible comfort and security at a great price.

  4. Enjoyed your Pictures, We know the owners of Progresso Shores and have met some of the People who have bought & Built there and a few who have bought and not retired yet. Its a beautiful spot. I have lived in the Corozal Area for over 20 years and for me this is one of the most beautiful spots out there. Ed & Dee Moore welcome everyone like there Old friends. You should walk the Property and see the fish pond some of the Views at different sites. I know Developments out in that area that will not drive there clients by Progresso Shores so they will not have to be compared to theres. I just wished they had been here when I first moved to Belize.

  5. so how is progresso heights, I am thinking of buying a lot their is it worth it I live in Pennsylvania and have never been to belize. Danny

  6. I am looking at progresso heights of buy a lot, is it worth it, is the place nice I only see photos on line, they can be deceiving

    1. Danny-you absolutely MUST visit Belize. Do your own due diligence, I cannot do that for you. -babs