Friday, February 8, 2013

Ladies and the Tramp

All across this little country, there are thousands of homeless dogs scrounging for a living, some running in packs, some loners. Most of the females are either pregnant or have recently delivered their litter and are out and about seeking sustenance. There are few and far between animal shelters. Vets are scarce, but available. So, to spay and neuter strays is a monumental task here.

A street dog, standing about a foot high, with the facial features similar to a Jack Russell terrier and the body of a Beagle (?), showed up in the neighborhood obviously abused. This little guy was a skeleton with dirty fur, suffered from a fractured hip, a broken tail and a coughing pant that is indicative of a choking incident.  The neighbors unimaginatively bestowed on this white mutt the name of "Spot"--for the one large black spot on the left side of his body; their kindness has cleaned, neutered and plumped him up, repaired his fractured hip, the broken tail does not hinder it's wagging and he's now up to date with shots and de-wormed.


The neighborhood adopted this loner and he repays his debt by patrolling the street. His territory is well marked and he is an alert alarm for strangers and passers-by, either on foot or cycle. Not aggressive, just an assertive alarmist.

On patrol

Spot has 2 girlfriends now at opposite ends of the street. He sleeps at Muffin's house and breakfasts at Mimi's. Leftover bones are his weakness - but he does not share with the girls - he buries them for "later".

Mimi from her balcony

Affection with humans is still being learned, he will roll over for a good belly rub and enjoys a brisk scratch behind the ear. But please don't raise your hand, he will cower.

Commandeered from the neighborhood, Spot is now sporting a blue and green collar and spending most of his free time with Muffin and her humans, Beth and Dan. They can be found walking on a leash together in the morning and lazing away the hot afternoons in the house on the cool tile floors. Late afternoon, he can occasionally be found hanging out with Mimi on her balcony. His solo neighborhood watch patrol has been self-rescheduled to early morning and late afternoon tours of duty. Once collared, he instantly realized he was part of the family, a pet. Spot has rarely been seen galavanting around the neighborhood, he's mostly a homebody now, still barking his alarm when needed, but settled down and happy to be a "real dog"!

Beth, Dan, Spot and Muffin

Ahhhh-I'm a REAL dog now!


  1. Good for you guys, and Spot is a lucky guy! We too had a little stray Rosie was what we called her; her owner left her camped out in the bush along the way to our house at Royal Colony and the neighbors all looked out for her. Alas, she was not there last we visited, surprising how much we miss her

    1. Glynis-Isn't it funny how those little guys get under your skin? Gotta love the street dogs!