Monday, February 4, 2013

Sueno del Mar

Linda and Mike, a couple staying at the Copa Banana guesthouse with us, had not traveled outside  Corozal Town. We decided that they needed to experience the ferry, Copper Bank and Sueno del Mar.

Off we went, the guys sat in the back of the Jeep-without a seat, while the girls had the luxury of the front seats. There had been about 5 days of rain over the previous week, so the roads were more rutty and muddy than our last trip towards Cerros. Slowly we traversed the "charm of Belize" thru Copper Bank and arrived at Sueno del Mar, unscathed. 

Our arrival announced by her 3 large dogs--all bark, no bite--our gracious hostess, Donna, greeted us as old friends (eventho this was only our 2nd time there). The day was sunny, breezy and warm--just perfect for dining outside! Her menu has something for everyone--all homemade and to die for....We ordered lime juice--similar to lemonade, but a little more tart. Marveled at the gorgeous view. For lunch we ordered breadfruit fries, shrimp ceviche and snook filet over pasta with asparagus, accompanied by a salad. The asparagus was picked fresh from the garden! DELICIOUS!

The picturesque beach area beckoned -- Linda and Mike posed for their Corona-esque commercial debut! We could've stayed for a very long time!

Too soon we headed back to Corozal.


The Menu!

Mike, Larry, Linda and Babs

The Corona-esque Commercial Pose!


  1. I have been desperately trying to connect with expats in Belize. I have a ton of questions but no one responds on these blog pages. If you're willing to help out a possible expat from Houston, Tx. I would really appreciate it. My email is Thanks!

    1. I tried to send you an email--but it was returned as "permanent failure"--you may email me:

  2. We too have been out to Donna's place, it's lovely!!