Monday, March 18, 2013

Chan's - BBQ On The Bayfront

Ok, so we've been holding out on you.

 Our vote for the best BBQ in Corozal is--Chan's Fast Food. Located on the bayfront under the huge ficus tree, across the street from the Social Security building and Maya Hotel, sits a whitewashed wooden shack. During the week Mr. Chan works for the Immigration Department but his family-owned snack shack serves cool non-alcoholic beverages and cold snacks. However on Saturday, Sunday and holidays, Chan's explodes with charcoal smoke and the aroma of BBQ. Get there early--11:30 a.m. ish-- if you're a pork rib aficionado. Tender, juicy and hot off the grill these ribs melt in your mouth. And don't forget the chicken, white meat or dark it too just falls off the bone. For $10bze ($5usd) each, the meat is served with a flour tortilla, cold baked beans and homemade coleslaw--don't forget the lime juice or Coke! 

Welcome To Chan's Fast Food!
Mr. Chan and son manning the grill

Grillin' and Eatin'

Larry enjoying the pork ribs

See you there!


  1. Haha, too funny. I too love that place. We eat there every weekend. Usually don't change, get the pork ribs, but last week we tried the Diablo Chicken, wow that was pretty good. Well translation we ate the devil chicken and now I am not

    1. LOL!! I've heard the pollo brujo is yummy too!

  2. Looks like you guys have a blast at your Bbq parties! I think I am going to start inviting my friends and family over for cookouts because who can turn down a good bbq?!

    1. A good BBQ will never let you down!! :)