Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Held Hostage By A Sponge Mop

A task that has been assigned to us during our housesitting gig is to find a sponge mop. 
Simple enough, right? 

We began housesitting about 3 weeks ago, each trip into town has been burdened with finding a sponge mop. We have visited virtually every grocery store (and there are at least 25) and household item stores in town...string mops galore, but no sponge mops to be had--anywhere.

The cleaning lady called this morning to forewarn us that if there was no new mop, then she would not be cleaning the floors tomorrow. Hence---hostage!

So, off to town we went - again - and just as futility was setting in, we asked a Cinty's household store employee if there were such a thing as a sponge mop in Corozal? "No," he politely said, "not in Orange Walk either--but if you go to Belize City you could find one, or have someone there bring it to you."
(Let me interject--from Corozal, OW is a 45 minute drive and BC is 2 hours)

Really?--drive that far for a mop?

We told him we don't know anyone in Belize City to bring us a mop, he then offered, "I can get one here for you on Friday, it will come on the truck." Wait, did that just happen? We excitedly told him that we'd purchase 2 and we'll be back on Friday.

In the meantime, we have purchased a string mop for the cleaning lady to use. She won't be thrilled, but...Lily was happy she had a new mop to use, regardless of the type...about the string mop she said, "It'll do until you get the other."

It's Friday now...we stopped back at Cinty's and were told he had not received the mop on the truck, it's on backorder---BUT he found one "in the back" does not have a protective cap on the handle, so he'd sell it to us for $10bze.....OK!

We are finally the proud owners of a sponge mop!

And did we mention..Lily's thrilled too?


  1. Hi Babs - what a cute post! I'm sure she hates wringing out the string mop...if someone could invent a way to do it without getting your hads all yucky, they'd make a fortune!! (Now that I think about it, I believe I may have seen such a contraption at some point in my life)

    I am interested in getting on a list of "housesitters" in Belize. Is there one for the whole country and/or certain specific locations? (My son, his girlfriend, and I are interested in spending the time there to gain permanent residency and housesitting would be such a big help!)

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Thanks so much.


    1. Joyce - Thanks for reading! My best advice for you is to get here, get involved, meet the expats and get the word out that you're looking to housesit. I don't know of a formal list to refer you to. After being in Corozal for 2 months, we "happened" on the housesitting job and have had to turn down 3 others due to prior commitments! Corozal boasts the highest number of expats, many are parttimers and looking for housesitters, especially from April-October (when most return home), so the possibility of landing a housesitting gig here is pretty good, I cannot speak for the rest of the country, but from what we've learned in Corozal-the more expats the better the chances! Good luck!