Saturday, March 23, 2013

Invasion Of The Pint-Sized "Animals Of Belize"

It's funny how these parades just seem to "happen" in Corozal Town. This one was held to celebrate the pre-schoolers in Corozal District. Both public and parochial pre-schools from Corozal Town, Copper Bank, Sarteneja and the little villages in between descended on Town Square; which, at 9a.m. on a Friday, was filled to overflowing with "The Animals of Belize." Floats, wild cats, sea creatures, farm animals, insects, birds, reptiles and 2 drum corps rounded out the procession. It was hot, 90 degrees in the shade with high humidity and these little troopers decked out in their homemade costumes...

well, need I say more? Pre-schoolers, costumes, parade...


  1. Love this post! Would you be interested in republishing this on my website?

    1. I would be delighted! PM me with instructions: Thanks!