Friday, April 12, 2013

1st Impressions of Hopkins

The main road is asphalt, not a full 2 lanes, not the entire length. The road turns to a light orange dirt road at either end as well as all the side roads. Dust gets kicked up easily, especially from those driving fast. We observed an elderly woman walking along the road and breathing through a towel.
Main Asphalt Road

Main Asphalt Road

Road Turns From Asphalt To Orange Dirt

The building colors are varied and tropical. You will find concrete buildings and homes as well as wooden structures in various degrees of weathering all along the 3 main roads and the many side roads.



Orange, Yellow and Greens

The village is tourist oriented. The businesses reflect the industry: guest houses, hotels, hostels, restaurants, shell carvers, arts and crafts, wooden sculptures, jewelry, and clothing—all types of items to take your tourist “dollah”—both US and Belizean dollars are accepted, “no problem.” There is one ATM in town, it works most days.

Funky DoDo Hostel

Hair and Nails Anyone?

Iris' Restaurant

We’re not seeing many assertive/aggressive panhandlers. There are the children who sell their mother’s baked goods in the evenings door-to-door, meat pies and doughnuts are popular. Veggie/fruit vendors pass by on their bicycles and pick-up trucks too.

Busy streets, many bicycles, a few golf carts, taxis, cars and trucks travel alongside the pedestrians. At about 4pm add the school busses. The tourist season is coming to a close, so a lot of this traffic may subside soon.



Loving the constant breeze from the Caribbean Sea and the warm medium beige sand, the water temperature is perfect—no having to “get used to it” before you go in, the water clarity is exceptional and the various shades of turquoise—just beautiful! Egrets and pelicans scan the shoreline. Sea grass is consumed by the manatee—cannot wait to see them up close and personal.


  1. This is what my wife pulls up when I ask her to pull up Bob's Burgers after a fifth of vodka. I don't know what's funnier: Your un-Belize-able Blog, or the fact my wife tried explaining the backdrop as "Tina cooking burgers outside." Cheers.

    1. ROFL Justfor Jameson!!! You won't find the Belchers here--hmmm, try FOX!!!