Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Greetings From Hopkins, Belize!

Our trip from Corozal to Hopkins was an all day affair. We easily stretched a 4 hour trip out to 7 hours by stopping at the airport to meet the owner of the house we watched, having lunch and filling up with gas. We had been warned to stay away from the Coastal Highway due to the road conditions (rutty and dirt, not paved at all) so we stayed on paved roads as far as we could.

This excursion took us from Corozal south on Northern Highway, and west onto Western Highway. We lunched at Black Orchid Resort near Burrell Boom and continued on to Belmopan where we picked up the Hummingbird Highway. This is a pretty route, through the mountains—some are as high as 3000 feet! Orange groves galore populate this area along with 2 large citrus production plants. Passing Cave’s Branch brought back memories of our 2nd trip to Belize—we went cave tubing with their group and had lunch in the cave, it was a fun day trip! Sorry, I digress; we made a right onto Southern Highway and soon came up on the overhead sign pointing left to Hopkins.

From Southern Highway to Hopkins

Hopkins Ahead!

The road immediately turns to ruts and dirt with hitchhikers at the intersection. We had a full Jeep so could not help them out. About 3 miles down the road a few colorful houses begin to fill the horizon, next thing you know…Hopkins! Fortunately, near the main intersections there is a road map sign marked with accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing/excursion companies and transportation rentals. We found All Season’s Guest House toward the southern end of the village. Our cabana sits about 2 miles farther south in an area near the Sittee River Marina.
Main Intersection 

Welcome Sign/Bus Stop at Intersection

Town Map

Signage at Intersection

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs...
All Season's Guest House  
The cabana is a 20x40 Mennonite structure, sitting about 8 feet off the ground. It is a 1BR/1BA, “full” kitchen-sink, counter, fridge and 4-burner butane stove with oven (all appliances are about ½ the size of those in the US), a futon and dining table/4 chairs. Yes, there is electricity! Hot and cold water (when the instantaneous water heater works). No tv, internet, phone or a/c. One neighbor to the north of us-just returned to Canada and one house under construction to our south, no one to our west and the Caribbean is to our east…nice little beach area with palm trees.
White House is North, We're Orange/Electric Blue, Green House is South

View From The Street/Driveway

View From The Beachside



View To Beach From Doorway

"Our" Beach

The journey continues…


  1. I could spend LOTS of time on your front porch or down by the beach. Have to say - it looks like the "nicest" place so far considering views, of course...
    The Hummingbird Highway????!!!!???? Do you see many of them down there? I'm waiting for Millie to return for the summer - we miss her.

    1. There are bunches of hummingbirds--all Millie's relatives I'm sure--if we see her, we'll send her "home" :)

  2. Millie arrived - first sighting last night!! The Hummingbird Highway story must have been a good luck charm :)

    1. Wow!! Glad she made it back this year! She sure flew fast!! :D

  3. Babs,
    Not prying, but can you give us an idea of what the cost is for the cabana rental? does it include power, etc? Thanks

    The Cruisin Camper

    1. The hotel and rental prices in Hopkins are exorbitant! This Sittee Point cabana is managed by All Season's Guest House-check out their website for grins. There are less expensive places to stay in in the village, like the backpacker hostels, but our preference is to have a full kitchen since we will be here for 2 months. And fronting the Caribbean Sea is soooo nice!

    2. Oh, and yes, the monthly rental price does include electricity and water. -babs

  4. So now that you are in Hopkins....what is the latest "opinion" on where we should be looking if we decided on Belize. We are definitely beach people. It sounds like we would not be interested in a "bay" type beach.


    1. If it's FL-like beach you're looking for, you may need to adjust your thinking a little...Hopkins and south have "beach" on the Caribbean...but, if you own a beach lot the first 65 feet from the water's edge is deemed "public", so anyone can use your piece of the beach! That said, Sittee Point area of Hopkins has beachfront lots--50x100 (est) for close to $150,000US. there are few resales on the market on the beach right now. Check "CPC" realty online, they seem to have the market cornered here. We'll be visiting the Placencia peninsula within the next week or so and I'll post photos on the blog with as much info as I can dig up.
      Corozal's plus is a well connected expat community with planned activities almost every day of the week. I have not seen that in Hopkins.
      Larry and I have decided not to purchase property in Belize--we're content visiting and renting as we go, preferring the nomadic exploration to being planted.
      Hope this helps!