Friday, April 5, 2013

Oil Change--This Ain't Your Local Jiffy Lube!

Yet another "adventure" takes place--getting the oil changed in our 2012 Jeep. 

Wednesday, Stop 1 - Find an oil change guy, not a big deal, they are scattered here and there around town. We found a guy near the Santa Rita ruins and thought we could kill 2 birds with one stone, by having the oil changed and visit the ruins. But not this visit. He has no stock--of anything. We must go to an auto supply store. The oil change will cost $20bze.

Same Day, Stop 2 - Auto Maya located in the middle of town. No 5W-30 oil or filters (neither air nor oil) for our Jeep in stock, must order, maybe tomorrow.

Larry "negotiating" at Auto Maya

Friday, Stop 3 - Auto Maya - Air filter obtained, $49bze. His oil filter source says, "The shelf marked for the oil filter is empty, maybe tomorrow."

Since it's the weekend, and it's so humid, we decided to stay at the house. Will continue this saga next week.

Tuesday, Stop 4 - So, it's a week since the first stop--still no oil filter, but the oil has arrived! May have to order the filter from the dealership in Belize City. Check back in a couple of days.

Tuesday (a week later) - We received a phone call and text message that the oil filter had arrived!

Wednesday, Stop 5 - Auto Maya - Oil filter and 6 quarts of oil obtained, $129bze ($14bze/qt for oil)!

Friday, Stop 6 - Oil change guy, took over an hour to process us. DONE!

A total of 6 stops and 3 weeks later...

So the total cost to have the oil changed was $149bze ($74.50USD). Plus the $49bze ($24.50USD) air filter.

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